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Bourgon Law Professional Corporation provides exceptional legal services. We assist with real estate, wills and estate planning matters, criminal law and corporate and commercial matters

GREAT LOCATION: Our office is located at 614 Second Street east in Cornwall, Ontario. We're easy to find and provide ample complimentary parking. You will enjoy our warm and friendly office.

The Bourgon name in Cornwall is synonymous with hard work, passion, dedication, perseverance, and results. From Rhéal Bourgon, who was a successful businessman and sold thousands of properties as President of Bourgon Real Estate Ltd. to his son André who, with Bourgon Law, continues the tradition of a desire to succeed in all of his undertakings.

The Lavictoire name is equally well-respected and Eric continues the tradition.

We value the confidence our clients place in us and strive to exceed all expectations.

In a Nutshell

Here is a quick overview of the types of legal services we provide.

By offering such a wide variety of legal services, we are the only law firm you will likely ever need. No matter what life may throw at you, rest assured that we can handle it and provide you with the peace of mind you deserve.


Real Estate
Criminal Law
Wills & Estates
Small Claims Court & Litigation
Business Law
Family Law


Here is a more detailed description about the various types of legal services we provide:

Every adult who owns assets, has a spouse, or has young children should have a will. Remarkably, few do.
Let us help put together estate-planning documents that best reflect your final wishes. The few hours spent with us planning your estate can save your loved ones a considerable amount of hassle, heartache, and expense.
Without a will you won't:
  • have control over who gets how much of your estate and when;
  • be able to appoint a guardian of your choice for any young children;
  • be able to keep down the costs of administering your estate
Litigation is a stressful and extensive process for which you will want a lawyer with you every step of the way. We have the dedication and the experience you need to handle matters involving personal injury, demand letters, recovery of unpaid accounts, and labour disputes.
Whether you have suffered a loss and are considering filing a lawsuit, or if you have had a lawsuit filed against you, contact me for an honest assessment and to work with you to present the best case possible.
If you are facing criminal charges anywhere in Ontario, we appear on your behalf or make the necessary referrals for:
  • Bail Hearings
  • Domestic Assault matters
  • Thefts/Robberies
  • Drinking and Driving issues
  • Highway Traffic Act Offences
  • Trials of all kinds.
We assist clients from the province of Québec with referrals to exceptional lawyers who are experienced and licensed to practice in La Belle Province.
A legal advisor not only provides good counsel, but acts as a partner to look out for a corporation's best interests. We would love to partner with you to help with a variety of legal services, including:
  • Business formations (incorporations, proprietorships, partnerships)
  • Minutes
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Commercial Lease Agreements
  • And more...
Buying or selling a house is an exciting occasion and we understand that it is more than just a transaction. We ensure quality service by giving you all the information you need and handling your needs directly so that your deal goes smoothly.
We provide professional services for the following:
  • Purchase and Sale of traditional residential or commercial properties
  • Negotiating and drafting Agreements of Purchase and Sale
  • Purchase and Sale of Condominiums
  • Reviewing and advising on Condominium Status Certificates
  • Acting for borrowers and lenders on mortgage transactions
Marital breakdown is a hard fact of life, so we try to make the this stressful legal process as brief as possible. We can assist with:
  • Marriage Contracts
  • Separation Agreements
  • Cohabitation Agreements
  • Separation and Divorce Planning
  • Case, Settlement, and Trial Management Conferences
  • Arguing Motions and Trials

Great Location

Our offices are centrally located at 614 Second Street East, in Cornwall, Ontario.

We're easy to find, we have free parking, and we think you'll enjoy our warm and friendly office.


André B. Bourgon

Born and raised in Cornwall, Ontario, Andre Bourgon holds degrees in political science, sociology and education. Mr. Bourgon completed his studies in law at the University of Ottawa in 1998.

Following Articles of Clerkship with Patrick V. Rudden, Mr. Bourgon was called to the Bar of the Province of Ontario in 2000 following which he joined the Ministry of the Attorney General as an Assistant Crown Attorney. In 2006, Mr. Bourgon was seconded to the Department of Justice as Counsel to Canada's first war Crimes prosecution arising from matters of the 1994 genocide in Rwanda. Mr. Bourgon travelled extensively to East Africa and was awardee with a recognition from the Minister of Justice for exemplary professionalism for international legal work.

The Bourgon name in Cornwall is synonymous with hard work, passion, dedication, perseverance and results. Rhéal Bourgon, was a successful realtor and businessman and Mr. Bourgon attributes all of him any blessings to his father and late mother, Isabelle.

Eric G. Lavictoire

A Cornwall, Ontario native, Eric Lavictoire holds a degree in criminology. He completed his studies in law at the University of Ottawa in 2008. Mr. Lavictoire was subsequently called to the bar of the Province of Ontario in 2010.Mr. Lavictoire completed his Articles of Clerkship with, Guindon, MacLean & Castle, a local blue-chip law firm.

Upon his call to the Bar, Mr. Lavictoire served as an Assistant Crown Attorney. In 2011, Mr. Lavictoire joined Mr. Bourgon advancing and defending the interests of his loyal clients.

Mr. Lavictoire is a new father and enjoying the many blessings of parenthood. He is hard-working, honest and displays integrity at the highest level.

Rebecca Arseneau

Our valued clients have the benefit of being greeted by Rebecca.

As an administrative assistant, Rebecca has a smile as big as the world and professionalism to match.

Rebecca is an expectant mother-to-be and an integral part and important team member.

Kelly-Ann Dixon

Professionalism is best defined as competence, integrity and honesty. Kelly-Ann Dixon surpasses any and all expectations placed upon her. She is involved in the matters in which she deals and has a genuine interest in the well-being of our clients.

Despite her youthful appearance, Kelly-Ann has the wisdom of people several multiples her age. Rain or shine, night or day, Kelly-Ann ensures that the firm's clients are kept abreast of any and all aspects of their matters.

A delight as a person and an inspiration to her craft, Kelly-Ann is a person worthy of high praise.

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